Mike Gianelli

Legator Guitars Endorsed Artist Mike Gianelli of Bermuda

ARTIST: Mike Gianelli

MODEL: Josh Travis Signature Ninja 300-PRO 9-String


BIO: Mike Gianelli is a young guitarist that has been playing for Eighteen years, and currently has over 31,000 views on YouTube. He has been in numerous bands around the Bay Area, but is probably best known as the 8 string virtuoso in Dissipate and Bermuda. Mike has toured nation wide, recorded three albums, and is currently signed to Basick Records and Mediaskare. Mike Gianelli has mastered both acoustic and electric guitars, and more recently, has added a fresh new sound to 8-9 string guitars to his repertoire. Mike teaches anything and everything when it comes to guitar; theory, scales, chords and progressive timing. If you can think it, Mike will teach it.