Legator Artist Black Yen of Solemn

ARTIST: Black Yen

MODEL: Legator Helio SC300


BIO: SOLEMN formed in Taiwan in 2003, has a female drummer and female vocalist, is Asia's most famous melodic death metal band. SOLEMN have had published 4 albums in decade, including the one "The Road to Reform" which was record in Jacob Studio in Denmark (Destruction、Heaven Shall Burn、Mercenary), And has worked with" As I Lay Dying", "Exodus", "Firewind","Norther", participation the three major music festival in Asia several times ;Formosa Festival, Megaport Festival and wake up festival. Currently ongoing in Asia tour. New album "Devastated Ruins" will be issued in winter 2014.
Black Yen as SOLEMN guitarist since 2008, that another SOLEMN guitarist Zac introduced him. Black started to play instrument when he is 11 years old, the first instrument he touched is wood recorder. When his age of 18, he inspired by Guns N’ Roses debut album: “Appetite for Destruction” then started to joining the world of rock/metal and playing guitar. Black used to perform HR/HM, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Melodic Death Metal that music with heavy riff and beautiful melody as well.
As the only one Legator with Seymour Duncan Blackout pickup in Taiwan, his SC300-Pro is full but not diverge in bass frequency, mid and treble are outstanding but not discordant. The tune sounds very clear in a whole band, even there are two guitarists in SOLEMN. Black loves the feeling when he playing SC300-Pro, due to Legator special hand shaped heel joint with satin finished neck, and the looks purple satin as well. Black will bring this beauty and tour with SOLEMN new album all around the world soon.