Marlon McClain

Legator Guitars Endorsed Artist Marlon McClain

ARTIST: Marlon McClain

MODEL: Opus 450-LE Guitar

BIO: Throughout the 1970s, Portland-based octet Pleasure tastily intermingled elements of jazz, funk, and R&B into a kinetic fusion culminating with the top-10 signature hit, "Glide." While each member also exhibited talents on a number of outside projects, guitarist Marlon McClain has remained the most prolific on record since the group disbanded. The versatile player worked with The Dazz Band for nearly a decade and also wrote and produced for the likes of En Vogue and Kenny G before shifting his focus to a solo career. Connoisseurs of the groove still relish his first individual outing, 1981's Changes; but it was with 2010's TBD that he came into his own as a frontman, spearheading the writing, production, and primary instrumental duties.